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POLYGONIA creations - a versatile graphic- and sound project, which offers a wide range of interdisciplinary services. Creativity, flexibility and quality are the most important points of every commission. I focus on unique approaches, fusing digital and analog techniques in auditive as well as visual fields. The results can be organic or technical, maybe even both at the same time.









Sophian's Profile Artwork

Sophian Petitprez

Founder at Stride-up & Lowless Records

"I have been working with Lindsey for almost 2 years now on several projects. She is the kind of person you love to work with: creative, pro active, reactive and highly skilled. She always understood my needs and completed my ideas with here vision in the best way. I can only recommend to work with her if you like her artistic vision."

Ian Cunningham

Staff Writer at Monument Magazine

"Those of you who aren’t familiar with the brilliance of Polygonia’s work, you’re in for a real treat. […] She has a way of speaking to you one on one with her own special blend of sonic characters, like a psychologist digging deep into your mind with ease. Polygonia speaks her language by using bright snappy percussive rhythms that are designed to speak mechanically, but are ultimately bred from a raw tribal family."

Sophian's Profile Artwork

Susan Bühler

Owner of DieKulturBotschaft

"I decided to choose Lindsey Wang for the graphic design of my website, because of her allround talent which unites artistic, graphic and conceptual abilities. Her clear and clever thinking, her very professional and communicative way of working and her empathic, visionary and creative conception of my website impressed me. She is sympathetic and tough. I highly recommend her work."

Sophian's Profile Artwork

Sam Rubinstein

Head of Podcast at Monument Magazine

"Polygonia has been impressing in recent time with outstanding releases and DJ sets that are able to grasp the listener’s attention with a captivating story. [...] Her sound is focused around mystic, deep, experimental soundscapes with acoustic elements in it."

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